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The urban dictionary defines JOMO as
the Joy of Missing Out: You’re enjoying
what you’re doing in the here and now
and not on social media broadcasting
or seeing what everybody else is
doing. It’s the opposite of FOMO, or
the fear of missing out.
Ironically, I first learned of JOMO when
a friend posted about it on social
media. The concept struck me. I loved
the permission to be in the moment
and not feel compelled to document
and share every experience. So that’s
exactly what my family and I did during a recent break. We cherished the joy of
missing out. Whereas typically we pack in as many trips, parties and events as
possible, this time we said “no.”We just hung out amongst ourselves, reading books,
playing cards and having wild dance parties—just the four of us. We didn’t post
photos and rush to see how many likes we received and we didn’t pay much
attention to what other folks were doing.
Compared to other breaks, when we’ve traveled to exciting places and packed in
events, you might say it was boring. And I might regret the no photo thing when it
comes time to put together our annual photo calendar. But when we polled the
family at the end of the week the feeling was unanimous, “Best break ever!”
So the next time you fear that you’re missing out, remember to cherish the here and
now, and not be too busy documenting and posting about moments to enjoy them.
Why? Because I said so!
Angela Hibbard
MOM Magazine Editor-in-Chief
Angela’s kids, Liamand Catherine, experiencing
the joy (of missing out).
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Because I said so!
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